Adventures of Araleith

“Life is uncharted territory. It reveals its story one moment at a time.”

Adventure planning!

on March 9, 2013

I don’t often go on adventures that need planning, other than my yearly week long camping trip with my family, and that doesn’t require much on my part other than packing clothes and other necessities, and showing up at my parents’ place at the right time.

This year, though, with all the change I have gone through over the last year, I really wanted to stretch myself and do something just for me. Just something I have always wanted to do, but haven’t been brave enough to actually get to doing.

So, I will be going on a camping trip on the Canada Day weekend. A group of friends go every year and I have never gone along, but this year I got brave, and said I would like to.
Requires a bit more planning on my part (getting someone to watch my cat, making sure I have the supplies I need, planning rides and food with people, etc) but I think it will be a fun and much needed adventure.

In some ways, the steps I took to get to the point where this is a thing that solo Me can do is a pretty cool adventure, all in itself!


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