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“Life is uncharted territory. It reveals its story one moment at a time.”

Octopus and Eel and Squid, Oh My!

on February 6, 2013

A week or so ago, a friend and I went for sushi. I really love sushi. It is definitely one of my favourite food-options, especially when shared with friends. 

Now, one important thing to note is that I am completely inept with chopsticks. Many people have tried to teach me, but it never goes well. I remember the first time I went for sushi at an all you can eat place, and was trying SO HARD to use chopsticks, and failing, but I didn’t want to give up. At some point, a server touched my elbow, and very quietly laid a fork beside my arm. So from then on, I was a fork-with-sushi sort of girl. 


My friend was convinced that I should learn to use chopsticks. I was protesting,  but he was like “No, I know you can.” So he taught me, patiently, and then insisted I try to use them for the rest of the meal. It was HARD. I dropped things (there was an impressive splashdown in my soy sauce dish at one point), I missed my mouth, but I persevered. I am not a pro, or anything, but apparently I can sorta use chopsticks now. I don’t think I am doing it properly, per se, but sticks get food to my mouth, so I call that a win. 

He also roped me into trying a few new foods. I am a tuna/salmon sushi kind of girl – things like eel and octopus are right out. I usually try new things, but I wasn’t quite brave enough.

But, well, that’s changed. I tried octopus sushi (weird flavour and texture, but not terrible. Not sure I would eat it again, though), bbq eel in sushi (very strange flavour, though the texture was okay, but I couldn’t stand eating much of it), grilled squid (very odd flavour, very rubbery, not really my thing), and deep fried calamari (tasty, like a rubbery fishy onion ring. My favourite out of the new foods). 

It was an adventure, for certain. I liked that we took something I do often (eating sushi), and still managed to make it a fun adventure with new things and lots of laughter.


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