Adventures of Araleith

“Life is uncharted territory. It reveals its story one moment at a time.”

Pudding Cake Everywhere!

I was at my parents over the weekend, and my mom made pudding cake for dessert. Pudding cake is a dessert from my childhood that I love – its a boxed mix, and you make a cake batter, and then sprinkle a pudding-y powder over, and boiling water. You bake it, and like magic, you get something that is cake on the bottom, and warm yummy pudding-y sauce on the top. It is SO tasty, especially with vanilla ice cream. 

So we made two – one butterscotch, one chocolate. 

When my mom pulled them out of the oven, the chocolate one slipped from her hands, and hit the floor. The pudding layer went EVERYWHERE. On the oven, the fridge, the floor, the ceiling, everywhere. We all burst out laughing. Who knew pudding cake could fly so well? 

We did end up eating the chocolate pudding cake along with the butterscotch one – the cake part had stayed in the pan, and was really quite yummy. 

It was a tiny adventure, but a very silly lovely one. 

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Magical Bread Stores and Cardboard Boxes

I moved this past weekend – this is the first time in my entire 25 years of life that I will be living on my own (well, other than my cat, who is awesome). So my apartment is kinda a mess (slowly finding space for everything!) but it is mine and I love it. It helps that I have awesome family who helped me with my move – it went so smoothly! 

I get my cat today (I left him with my old roommate for a few days until I got this place sorted out some) and I am really excited to see what he thinks of the new place. There are still lots of boxes about for him to investigate, so it will be fun. 🙂 Also, my windows are all at ground level, so I know he will see all sorts of interesting things.

I also discovered what I have decided is a Magical Bread Store in my neighborhood. It is this tiny little bakery/deli where they sell a variety of cakes and breads and buns and they have the tiniest little deli. I bought some sort of mystery cake there last night (it looks like it was made in a tube pan, but that’s all I know about it) that I haven’t gotten around to trying, but everything there seemed to be awesome. I will have to go back earlier in the day – I was there pretty late, so they didn’t have a big selection.

I almost couldn’t get my cake, either – I am so used to not carrying much cash on me, because it is rare that (other that on-campus eateries) they won’t take debit or credit. Well, this tiny little place only took cash, but luckily I had a friend along who paid for my cake, which was pretty awesome.

I am looking forward to learning more about my neighborhood as I have time to explore it!

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