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All is fair in love, war, and Mario Kart

on November 5, 2012

This weekend had a couple adventures it in – went to a local market with my sister, and bought a bunch of yummy food things, giggled over strange things in thrift stores, and watched SO MUCH Degrassi: The Next Generation. 

Today, though, was the adventure referenced in my title. 

Me, my sister, and her boyfriend went over to my parents today for lunch and such, and for a Mario Kart showdown. I am a pretty big gamer, and my parents play their fair share of party type games, as does my sister. My dad actually really loves Zelda games and stuff like that – I suspect Imy love of gaming is his fault. 😛

SO MUCH TRASH TALK. I am pretty sure at points, with all the yelling and cursing and teasing that was going on, the neighours likely thought we were nuts, or really hated each other. 😛  We had to play in rotating shifts (5 people, 4 controllers), which got pretty awesome as people lost and were replaced.

There was much laughing and joking and teasing and I remembered how terrible I am at Mario Kart, how much the Wii steering wheel thing is kind of annoying, and how crazily competitive my family can get (in the best of ways.)

I miss playing video games as a social thing – most of what I play is very solo, because I dislike most MMOs and other multiplayer games. 

Anyone out there want to play Mario Party or something with me? There could be cupcakes. 


One response to “All is fair in love, war, and Mario Kart

  1. Woudy says:

    Yes it’s good to spend a day with family, eat food and try really hard to kick each others butts and laugh so hard you get tears n tummy cramps. We are crazy but we love each other! Love how you write!

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