Adventures of Araleith

“Life is uncharted territory. It reveals its story one moment at a time.”

Ideas Worth Spreading

Today was a local TEDx event (if you follow me on Twitter, you know this, as I was pretty tweet-spammy this morning!), which I was lucky enough to be chosen to attend. It was held in a fantastic new building on campus, which was cool, because that building is usually  closed to the public (at least for now), so getting inside was neat.

The talks themselves were pretty awesome. I learned about how the healthcare system in Canada is kinda broken, but people are working to make it better, and to make it more person-centered.I also learned about some inspirational stuff, like how following your passions and learning to just pick yourself up, despite what the world throws at you and the walls you run into in life. 

I also learned about “Finding your Tribe” – as Heather Dale (whom I admire greatly!) put it, “Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to fit in to make a success in your life.” You just have to find the people who are like you, and go from there. To find your people, you need to know what sort of person you are.

For me, this was a pretty randomly-brain-opening thing. I have been struggling lately with that sort of thing – I don’t really fit in, it feels like, in a lot of the spaces I find myself in, but I have decided that it just means I gotta find me a different game of human-interaction-Tetris to play. Someday, someone is going to need the weird shaped piece that is me, and I just have to keep putting myself out there, and finding the people that are like me. I can do that!

I did end up leaving early, though – it was a pretty intense social day, and for me, who is a pretty hardcore introvert, it got to be a little much. I decided to head home and recharge and work on some school stuff and the like. I don’t regret attending in the least, though. It was a pretty fantastic experience, and if there is a similar event in your area, I highly recommend it!

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Friendship is magic!

I have some of the most ridiculous friends on the planet. They are geeky nerdy fantabulous people.Most of them live farfarfarfar from me, which is alright, but I miss the face to face-ness.

Well, this week I got to chill with a couple of my local friends, and we had some adventures.

Thursday, I hung out with one of my guy friends who never ever fails to make me laugh. Seriously. He knows where all the crazy weird funny stuff is on the internet, and makes sure I see it. He is also teaching me to appreciate zombie movies, which is pretty supercool. We went to Canadian Tire, wandered about, made jokes at things, and then ate snacks (THERE WAS A HALF POUND REESES PEANUT BUTTER CUP INVOLVED, AND IT WAS AMAZING) and were generally just chill and ridiculous and poked at the internet. It was SO fun just to laugh at be silly for a while. 

Friday, I was feeling kinda peopled out, so I skipped social stuff with a large group of nerdy awesome people in favour of a quieter night at home. A friend of mine ended up coming over with pizza, and we just chillaxed (do people say that anymore? I do, apparently.) and watched Conan the Barbarian (so much cheeeeese). It was also ridiculous fun. I like friends who will make fun of movies with me.

These were pretty simple adventures, but both have kept me smiling over them, and I suspect they will for a while yet. 

Friends are awesome.

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All is fair in love, war, and Mario Kart

This weekend had a couple adventures it in – went to a local market with my sister, and bought a bunch of yummy food things, giggled over strange things in thrift stores, and watched SO MUCH Degrassi: The Next Generation. 

Today, though, was the adventure referenced in my title. 

Me, my sister, and her boyfriend went over to my parents today for lunch and such, and for a Mario Kart showdown. I am a pretty big gamer, and my parents play their fair share of party type games, as does my sister. My dad actually really loves Zelda games and stuff like that – I suspect Imy love of gaming is his fault. 😛

SO MUCH TRASH TALK. I am pretty sure at points, with all the yelling and cursing and teasing that was going on, the neighours likely thought we were nuts, or really hated each other. 😛  We had to play in rotating shifts (5 people, 4 controllers), which got pretty awesome as people lost and were replaced.

There was much laughing and joking and teasing and I remembered how terrible I am at Mario Kart, how much the Wii steering wheel thing is kind of annoying, and how crazily competitive my family can get (in the best of ways.)

I miss playing video games as a social thing – most of what I play is very solo, because I dislike most MMOs and other multiplayer games. 

Anyone out there want to play Mario Party or something with me? There could be cupcakes. 

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