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The World’s Biggest Treasure Hunt

on October 29, 2012

My parents love geocaching. They go out pretty regularly, and I go out with them when I can. It’s the funnest kind of adventuring – I see new places (like hidden little beaches and neat cemetaries and all sorts of interestingness), I get to find stuff (sometimes there are treasures to trade!), and I get to hang out with them, which is pretty awesome.

Yesterday was wet, and rainy, and sorta cold. But we had decided that after going to an auction sale in the morning (where there were rosettes and chelsea buns and all sorts of wonderful), we would hit a few geocaches before heading home.

The first one we got to was tiny and tricky, and we almost gave up on it (being in a public parking lot got u some weird looks, which kept making my mom and I laugh), but it was a success.

The rain got rainy-er, the wind got colder, and we soldiered on. My mom noticed there was a hole in the heel of her boot, which was one of those things that kept making us laugh because it was wet and absolutely ridiculous out. I grabbed a mushroom that was giant and squodgy and under some leaves and stuck my hand blindly into logs and holes in the ground and got tricked by margarine containers that tried to pretend to be geocaches but weren’t. I got a few treasures (a little firetruck toy, a cool little fake compass thingie, and a couple other things), and we laughed ourselves silly.

We managed to find 10 geocaches, which was impressive considering the weather. But at least it wasn’t snow!

I have heard people call geocaching the world’s biggest treasure hunt, and I love it. You can explore your own neighbourhood and find all sorts of secrets, and chances are, when you travel, you will likely be able to grab a cache or two. It’s wonderful and delightful and silly fun – all things I appreciate.


2 responses to “The World’s Biggest Treasure Hunt

  1. Woudy says:

    It was wet n wonderful, love your writing. Bought new boots like yours at ctire and when I got home discovered the sole on one boot wasn’t glued on right n will leak. Lol just my luck!

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