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Programming! Python!

on October 8, 2012

Right now I am taking Coursera’s Intro to Programming course, and am working on the stuff for week 2. I haven’t yet attempted the assignment, as I have a friend coming over for an awesome dinner of awesome, but I am having SO MUCH FUN actually learning this stuff.

I have tried to learn to program a handful of times now, using various books and online resources. Every time, I get bored, it gets hard, I give up. 

I really, really, really want to learn to program, though (for a variety of reasons, including pure and giddy fascination at the idea of making a computer do stuff). 

So, I am trying again. This time it seems to be sticking a bit better, which is, I suspect, because the professors are explaining the hows and whys of how things work, rather than just making me repeat the same thing over and over . I don’t do well with rote memorization. I work better when you explain to me the innerworkings of something, so this style of teaching really clicks with my brain.

So far, so good. It’s fun getting a computer to do stuff, like ask someone for information, or convert celsius temperatures and fahrenheit ones. Nothing earth shattering, but it delights me nonetheless.

It helps that I have a bunch of awesome people like my roommate and the denizens of The Bridge around to help me out when I get to be a stompy dragon when things don’t work in ways that I expect. Having a good support group makes anything more awesome. 😀 


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