Adventures of Araleith

“Life is uncharted territory. It reveals its story one moment at a time.”

Hello World

This is a bit of a strange adventure, and it might not be something that anyone else gets, but I am recording it here for posterity, because it was super awesome for my brain.

I was walking home a couple days ago, and was listening to my iPod. Had it on shuffle, listening to my “Kicking Ass and Taking Names” playlist, when Hello World by Lady Antebellum popped on. I love that song. It makes me feel awesome. So I am listening to it, humming along as I walk, when the part talking about “Every day I drive by a little white church/It’s got these little white crosses /like angels in the yard/Maybe I should stop on in/ and say a prayer/Maybe talk to God/ like he is there”, just as I am walking near the church that is on the street near my house.

I see the big white cross that is on the church, and it is all sunny and bright and beautiful, and I just stop.

I stopped, right then and there, with my school stuff and my lunchpail and everything, and sat in the grass, looking at this white cross and this church and I just…opened my heart.

I whispered words to the universe, to God, to anyone that might be listening and I just…let myself be open to the world. It was an odd yet beautiful moment. People walked by with their dogs and drove by in their cars while I sat there in the grass and just…was.


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Okay, I know what you are thinking. Who in their right mind starts a blog about having adventures with a post about cereal?

Answer: Me. Because adventures are not always about BIG things, like white water rafting or jumping off buildings. Sometimes they are little teeny tiny things. It’s all in how you notice them.

So. Cereal.

As I adjust (still!) to a life of a single bean, with less structure because I only have me to worry about, and myself to feed, I find I eat strange things at odd moments. Ice cream for dinner, waffles for lunch, garlic bread with cheese for breakfast. I choose based on what makes my stomach happy.

So, I decided that I needed something for breakfast.

Here’s something you should know – I HATE cereal. I hate that if you are the only one eating it, a box lasts for eons and eons and gets boring long before it is over. I want creativity and variety in my food.

So, cereal and I are not very often on speaking terms.

I have this vague memory of going camping (maybe not, maybe it was just home breakfasts before school, but it feels like camping) where my sister and I would split one of those Fun Pacs of cereal, me trading her the Rice Krispies that I didn’t like for her Corn Pops. That was years ago, but I remember the tiny cereal boxes being perfectly Araleith sized. Like I didn’t get bored before they were over.

So, I wondered, having not looked at them for eons and eons, if such a thing existed.

I scoured the cereal aisle, getting more and more sad as giant box after giant box of cereal presented itself. All I wanted was tiny variety. That was it.

I almost gave up and went home, without my cereal.


Bottom corner of a shelf, almost hidden behind the family sized box of Cinnamon Pops.


It was just as awesome as I remembered. Even more so, because there was only ONE  box of Rice Krispies, not two (because there is this weird Krave chocolate cereal that I haven’t tried yet, but am willing to give a chance, because it is a tiny box). AND there were Cinnamon Pops, which I discovered recently I liked.

So, I scooped it up and darted to the cash, half afraid this was just a grocery store dream and I would wake up in my bed, sans cereal.

I paid for the cereal, and pretty much skipped home, the cereal tucked under my arm like the most wonderful prize.

It was an awesome adventure. And now I have cereal awesome.

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